About Me

Food as memory, food as emotion, food to heal, food that gives life.

Hi I’m Simran Tandon founder of Baked Happily Ever After.
And that’s what this space is, food that becomes our personal narrative. Recipes that become your own stories.
I’m a self taught baker and a blogger, For me baking is as natural as breathing. Included in the depths of my page are a collection of recipes that tell the story of who I was, who I am now, and who I hope to be.
Baked Happily Ever After is a heartfelt passion for freshest produce, baking and healthy living. Experimentation in the kitchen is evident in my recipes, which can vary from healthy to indulgent, depending mostly on the produce.

Simran Tandon

Why Baked Happily Ever After?

As a child I loved fairy tales and  my only dream was to find my knight in shining armour my Prince Charming and live happily ever after. I completed my graduation from Lady Irwin College Delhi  in B.Sc Food Science, worked for few months. And during that phase I was lucky enough to find the love of my life. We got married, had two beautiful kids, thinking that now we will live happily ever after. Still I was longing for happiness, I wasn’t sad but it didn’t feel like I found my happily ever after.
But thats when it hit me life is not an end there’s no happily ever after Life is a journey where we need to fight every day for our happiness. We need to find something in our daily routine that gives us happiness. And I didn’t have to go far, my happy place was my kitchen.. Baking is what makes me happy keeps me going. And I started posting on Instagram what ever I baked, ever since then I’m just growing, learning and dreaming

Baked Happily Ever After is a beginning, not an end. With each post, I begin again.